About Our

St. Croix Machine Tool, Inc.

Who we are. . .

St. Croix Machine Tool, Inc. has grown into a 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility from its modest beginnings in the early 80’s and has become one of the area’s premier machine shops.

Flexibility allows us to accomplish jobs quickly and efficiently. Our ability to react to new and changing requirements enable us to take on different and challenging work. Finally, our creativity and ingenuity allows us to provide our customers with unique solutions to their requirements.

St. Croix Machine’s solid customer relationships, along with our dedication to our employees, and our strong commitment to the community, are the basis for our continued success.

What we do. . .

St. Croix Machine Tool, Inc. is a custom manufacturing company. Our facilities and equipment allow us to do almost any type of machining using a wide range of materials. Whether a prototype, a small run, or a long-term commitment, we have the staff and facilities to serve your precision machining needs.

Our Employees. . .

St. Croix Machine’s employees take great pride in their work. Their attention to details and their dedication to the customer are prime factors in our continued success.

Our Standards. . .

We pride ourselves on the fair and honest treatment of our customers, vendors and employees. Integrity is a key ingredient in our daily life.

Our Quality Policy. . .

“We at St. Croix Machine Tool, Inc. are dedicated to the continual improvement of our quality management system to insure that we meet all of our customers needs and expectations.”

404 Laser Drive
Somerset, WI 54025
Phone: (715) 247-5387
Fax: (715) 247-3506
E-mail Address: information@stcroixmachine.com

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